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$100,000 Goal Achieved!

Union Donation Puts Fund Over the Top!

On June 17, 2009, the second anniversary of Laurine's passing, the Canadian Union of Public Employees local 5396, which represents employees of the Simon Fraser Student Society, voted to donate $15,000 to the Laurine Harrison Endowment Fund. With this donation, the fund has exceeded its initial goal of $100,000. This means that the three student awards established in Laurine's memory will be funded in perpetuity.

Kevin Harding, student member of the SFU Board of Governors and a member of CUPE 5396, said in an e-mail to his union brothers and sisters:

"Thanks very much for supporting the motion to donate $15,000 to the Laurine Harrison Endowment Fund -- the fund is now at 100%+ of its fundraising goal, meaning that it will be able to support awards for undergraduate and graduate students who are strong student leaders or who have overcome significant challenges in their lives. ... Like I said earlier, I can't think of a better way for us to commemorate Laurine and put our funds to good use. Laurine has left a legacy on campus, and I'm glad we are able to support it."

Laurine's partner Sue Cox and the group of Laurine and Sue's friends who worked with Sue to raise money for the endowment are deeply grateful to CUPE 5396 for this gesture.

Sue and her friends are also extremely grateful to all those people and organizations who contributed to the endowment since its inception two years ago. In addition to cash donations, many people contributed through the two cake auctions held to raise funds for the endowment and by way of planned giving, making provisions in their wills for future donations to the endowment.

Even though the initial fundraising goal for the endowment has been reached, donations are still more than welcome. Additional donations will be used to increase the value of the awards and/or create new awards.

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